Wednesday 25

16-17h Conference (in Spanish) – “Applications of Virtual Reality in teaching nursing: innovation and challenges” 

Mr. David Fernández

17:30-19:30h Augmented Reality Workshop (in Spanish)- “How can I use Augmented Reality in my classes?”

Mr. José Julián Prieto

Thursday 26

16- 17h Conference (in English) – “Effectiveness of serious games and impact of design elements on engagement and educational outcomes in healthcare professionals”

Mr. Marc-André Maheu-Cadotte

17:30-19:30h Gamification Workshop (in Spanish) – “Gamification of contents: learning by playing” Mr. Iñaki Huarte

Friday 27

16-18h Challenges and results of the ARsim2care project (in Spanish) – “Augmented Reality in clinical simulation”

Ms. Ana Larrayoz Ms. Leticia San Martín

The conferences and workshops will be held via Zoom.